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About Victoria Grammar School

Education at VGS is based on the belief that every child, regardless of their culture, race, gender or size is entitled to a good education by nurturing and applying talents, gifts, abilities and character to achieve excellence in intellectual and personal development.

Here are 5 things that makes VGS one of the best International schools in Ghana:


VGS does not exist without her wonderful groups of kids, and the diversity of those kids which makes our school so great. Just think of the place, where one meets children from different backgrounds, race and temperaments. We have the most beautiful, interesting and talented children from all over the world and each child is enriched by just being part of our school. Every child and every teacher has the special privilege of meeting, talking to, learning with, and playing with children and families from places in the world most only seen or heard on the news. Our school is a perfect example of how different people can live together, work together, and learn together.


Set amidst the most aesthetically planned environment an amiable and serene atmosphere for learning is provided for the students. Our architecture is unique and safe for every child irrespective of age and size. The school is tucked away from the noisy and congested city, effecting conducive teaching and learning. We create an environment where every child looks forward to being at school.


The Victoria Grammar School proudly provides a unique educational setting designed to challenge and nurture each student to become a responsible citizen in society. The school’s impressive range of resources and program helps to define it as a leader in education. The program of study integrates inquiry based learning and the best of the British Curriculum. With a strong emphasis on academics, students are appropriately challenged at each level. Academic pursuits must be balanced with the many other facets of child development to meet our ultimate goal of guiding children to grow into secure, confident and all-rounded individuals.


The staff of the Victoria Grammar School are a team of skilled teachers and administrative staff dedicated to fulfilling our mission; which is: “To create a safe and nurturing environment in which all learners can develop their intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative potential in preparation for lifelong learning and success.” At VGS, commitment and care is reflected in the schools status as a Five Star status, which reflects the staff’s commitment to building connections with parents and the larger community.  


The school has a well-stocked library, with an impressive index of titles. Our rich collection of books is updated regularly and students are encouraged to make full use of this facility to develop a love for books from an early age. There is also an ICT lab with over fifty computers available for students to use. Physical fitness is given importance.With an eye to groom students into physically strong and mentally active members, a range of sports facilities are made available. This includes a basketball court and playground. Our well-equipped music hall provides a variety of instruments for students, inclined towards all genre of music. The school has a large and comfortable cafeteria where students and staff sit together for meals and snacks