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VGS Science Fair 2018

Our annual science fairs are a perfect opportunity for students to reach into the depths of curiosity, the very nature of science. Science has been, and always will be, a venture of probe. This event is a chance for students to explore whatever topic excites or concerns them. There is no chain of curriculum, just good natured fun!

The fair is supposed to be both challenging and fun. And the students are always successful with their projects as topics are not imposed on them and they put in their all, knowing that their efforts will be highly regarded and appreciated by the guests and teachers.

In the end, it is so worth it. The pride and excitement that comes from a student who has put in all the work, learned so much, and is just excited to show off their efforts is so exhilarating.

Every student in the primary and secondary schools are given the opportunity to participate and showcase their projects during the fair and throughout the day parents and teachers go round to question and listen to the student’s findings.

Our school comes together as a family to celebrate this great learning experience and we see every individual child as a winner as they grow in confidence and they deepen their understanding of science.

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