December 11, 2018 News 3 comments

Christmas at VGS & Toddlers’ Inn

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too at school celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our pupils and parents.

A special assembly of our little children, parents and staff of the school was held in the school’s premises to revel the glorious season.

The festive spirit was witnessed among both students and staff of the school and an immerse celebration was done through an exhibition of (insert adjective) talent through songs, dance and play. The pupils enthralled the audience by enacting the scene of the origin of Christmas.

Performances were done to emphasize the importance of caring and sharing and spreading goodness around world.

As Christmas brings cheer and love, we made sure to celebrate it in the same fervor spreading a message of love and joy amongst the children.

Take a peek at the fun we had during the event here Gallery