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VGS Art Fair 2018

The annual Victoria Grammar arts fair, themed “Imagination Redefined” was officially launched in 2018, with a primary aim to help promote and develop arts activities and curricula of the school.

The fair was intended to nurture high standards and inspire creativity in the students while generating an individual sense of self-esteem, pride and achievement amongst them. Every student is given the opportunity to fully immerse themselves to bring out the best in them.

The fair was organized as an exhibition fundraiser, where the creative pieces of the students were auctioned out to parents and invited guests to raise funds for the school.

It was a fun filled day for all the students as the proudly showed off their high level of creativity to their parents and other invited guests. A real-time practical session was also organized and this allowed the students to bring their imaginations to life in a limited time.

Every individual child who participated exhibited creativity in the most unique way, hence, every students emerged winner for the day

It was in all an amazing day with amazing arts. Take a glimpse at the exciting time we had here http://toddlersinngh.com/vgs_new/gallery/