Welcome to VGS


The Victoria Grammar School proudly provides a unique educational setting designed to challenge and nurture each student to become a responsible citizen in society. The school’s impressive range of resources and program helps to define it as a leader in education.

The program of study integrates inquiry based learning and the best of the British Curriculum. The school year runs from September to June and is divided into three terms.

The most important aspect of successfully educating our children is maintaining open communication between the home and school. The Victoria Grammar School maintains a collaborative and cohesive partnership among the home, school and community. This promotes high standards of values, integrity and service and prepares students to be productive members of society.

Our small class sizes, dedicated and experienced teachers are always willing to go the extra mile for students. Our aim is to create an environment where everyone looks forward to being at school.

With a strong emphasis on academics, students are appropriately challenged at each level. Academic pursuits must be balanced with the many other facets of child development to meet our ultimate goal of guiding children to grow into secure, confident and all-rounded individuals.